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Disclaimer, Limits Liability

1. This website is not a medical device.

2. This website does not gather data from any person nor from any diagnostic device. It does not analyse and interpret data to make diagnoses, nor administer treatments, prescribe medications, nor order tests.

3. This website does not replace the relationship you have with your healthcare provider, e.g. your doctor.

4. We block extremism.

1. This website is not a medical device.

because it does not calculate medicine doses for you to take or inject. It does not tell you that you have a medical condition or disease, but refers you to the NHS symptoms web pages so you can decide with your doctor. Nor does it assess your risks of getting any of the 10 diseases it helps you to prevent. Instead it refers you to independent risk calculator websites, such as ‘QDiabetes and the QRISK3-2017 heart and stroke risk calculator website, both developed by doctors and researchers with the UK NHS.

2. This website does not make diagnoses, administer treatment, prescribe medications, or order tests.

The information contained is provided as an educational service, which can assist you in your personal research on how to prevent 10 different diseases. This service can also assist you in developing your healthcare plan to prevent diabetes and heart/stroke conditions. The tools contained in, or linked to, this website are there to help you participate with your healthcare provider team in self-management of your health.

3. This website does not replace the relationship you have with your healthcare provider, e.g. your doctor.

Any information provided is not medical advice and should not be used instead of regular consultation with your doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.

No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

4. We block extremism

We will take steps to identify and remove any videos in violation of our community guidelines, and any content that is violent, graphic or hateful, or includes religious or racial prejudice, or any content that supports terrorism. We will try to detect, identify and remove registered members of our website that interact with accounts disabled for terrorism. We ask our users to contribute by reporting potentially harmful content on our website, and any threats they receive while using this website.

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