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Voice your own Qs to Google

‘Google’ your health questions by voice on your smart mobile, tablet and PC – no typing.

1. What is ‘Google Assistant’ app?

2. Setting it up on your smart mobile or tablet. 

3. Next Actions to improve your health?

1. What is Google (Assistant) app?

Google (Assistant) is a way to speak by voice with Google. Same Google search engine now lets users ask questions and give instructions by voice. With Machine Learning, Google will give better answers to each user, as it learns more about you. Also there is a download app for iPhones: ‘Google Assistant’.

These conversations enable Google to understand you better; e.g. if you’re talking to someone about a gig and want to eat first, it will know that they link and give you helpful information like how far apart they are. Can use it to set an alarm, create a reminder, get it to remember a bike lock combination. It will talk to you about the weather; or you can ask it “what can you do?”

2. Setting up Google app on Android mobile or tablet:

2.1 In Chrome Settings, Set up Google Chrome as your default browser, and turn on ‘location’ and ‘microphone’, if necessary.

2.2 On your smart mobile phone: go to ‘Settings’, >’Apps & notifications’, >’App permissions’, >’Location’ – turn on for Google app; and >’Microphone’ – turn on for Google app.

2.3 Make sure you have got the Google app installed and open it.

2.4 With Google giving you answers, you do not want ads and pop ups shown first. So, in Google Chrome ‘Settings’ ensure you >’block pop ups’, and install one or two independent ad blockers.

2.5 Google ‘Data Saver’ compresses parts of web pages that are not needed on mobiles. So enable ‘Data Saver’ on your Android mobile. Go to >’Settings’, >’Network & Internet’, >’Data usage’ and check ‘Data Saver’ is on.

2.6 Also install and open an independent Ad blocker, or two, on your mobile. Several available in (Google) Play Store.

To activate a voice search, say, “Ok Google”.” And, if possible, the source you prefer for answers, e.g. “What does the NHS say about….”

3. Next Actions to improve your health?

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If you take decisions on your own health, using the answers to your questions, recommend putting them into your draft personal healthcare planfor discussion with your doctor.

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