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About our social enterprise, our aims and our team.

1. Our Aim: improve poor UK health & health inequalities, can use us world-wide

2. Current work

3. Our health clinical validations

4. Our authors health experience                         

1. Our Aim 

pexels photo 2608517 1393759669 1647951396522 First, a big “thank you” to many Londoners, whom we joined in 12 London health workshops, to understand their health needs both as patients and as home carers. So this new website can assist you to get better health, to prevent up to 10 diseases and to self-manage how you avoid diabetes, avoid heart diseases, prevent strokes, protect your mental health, and other serious long-term diseases such as prevent cancers.

Please tell us your needs and ideas as we go on developing it. Use the ‘Reply‘ box at bottom of our web pages, or the ‘contact us‘ page.

Why this new health website? The good news is Public Health England (PHE, 2019) statistics said we were all living longer, before the covid virus. They said the bad news is that we’re spending much of the extra time suffering from poor health in old age – around 16 years of ill-health for men and 19 years for women, made worse by big health inequalities across Britain. You can improve this for you and your family by taking simple health steps recommended by medical experts to improve health easily. We link you to their research and guidelines, if you want more detail. Ltd is a non-profit social enterprise. It aims to be a Trusted friend, able to pass on to you and your wider family, the best and latest agreed good health Information when you want it. We are here for you, for those you love and for your home carer(s) who do so much to help your better health. We help you prevent these long-term diseases, so you enjoy good health for much longer.

First check your own, and your family’s risks of getting these dreadful diseases using the links in the top menu here.

2. Current work

We worked in a consortium for the London Mayor and the GLA on the Tech Londoners ProgrammeHealth: people solving city health challenges. We ran, or joined, twelve Londoners’ health workshops. With clear agreement from patients, nurses and home carers on their needs, we have co-designed this website to assist people in their own health protection self-management.

Our Director Nigel is a diabetes patient advocate who has worked for:

  1. The NHS London Regional Diabetes Network helping to develop NHS diabetes service transformation projects across London.
  2. He now supports the NHS Surrey Heartlands Health & Care Partnership (ICS).
  3. Nigel is a member of the PPI team at the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre – Diabetes & Metabolism Theme. He has just been invited to join one of their research teams on their new project.
  4. Nigel has assisted an interdisciplinary South West London NHS team that has co-designed and is introducing new and improved diabetes services in their sub-region.
  5. We are registered members of Royal Society of Medicine, UK Digitalhealth, Diabetes UK, USA Eye Academy, PCDS, Patients Academy, FutureNHS, USA IHI, JDRF, BMJ, etc. Some of these are online medical publications where research and good practice news is peer-reviewed. Some are world-wide communities of users, researchers and suppliers, that disseminate tools for building digital healthcare apps.

We use lessons learnt from good practice in healthcare in Britain from e.g. the UK Care Quality Commission (CQC), charity Diabetes UK, British Heart Foundation, Public Health England, Primary Care Diabetes Society. We also use and quote guidance from leading groups world-wide e.g. World Health Org (WHO), etc., These expert and professional medical groups we use are quoted in our Evidence page.

Reducing our carbon emissions

With help from The Carbon Trust our team has reduced our carbon emissions by 15% over the last two years. We are doing everything possible to reduce our energy usage and minimise our carbon emissions, e.g. our building is grade A energy efficient with a new heating and hot water boiler with a Learning Thermostat. We have scrapped a diesel car and travel by public transport. We continue to work on renewable energy projects.

3. Our health clinical validations

Validated clinical research trials, from trusted sources, are essential to support the health recommendations made in this website. That is why most health points made here end with a link to our medical evidence page and the reference number(s) to the relevant, recent research that supports them. In most cases, we give links to health recommendations made by trusted bodies such as those listed above, which are based on careful professional team and peer reviews of relevant health research.

4. Our team of people

person w diabetes

Nigel Crawford MA MBCS CITP CMC is the founding Director of non-profit social enterprise Ltd. He is a Chartered IT Professional who, as a patient advocate, has and continues to assist the UK health teams listed above. He is the lead author of this website.

Nigel has had diabetes for 40 years and so uses many NHS services, and has learnt many lessons on how to improve health self-management and personal health and healthcare plans. He is a member of: Diabetes UK Campaigners Network, a life member of The Royal Society of Medicine, and a founding member of a London Diabetes Patients Group.

David Grant

David Grant BSc(Hons) MA DipSocAdmin CQSW MCMI FIC CMC is Founding Director of ProTem Consultancy Ltd, and an Associate of social enterprise Ltd. He is a qualified social worker, has been a senior manager in Local Authority Social Services and is an experienced management consultant. He specialises in developing multi-agency services between the NHS and Local Authorities. David was the Programme Director for setting up the largest Health and Wellbeing Centre in East London. This was a complex collaboration across several NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and academic institutions, delivering integrated services on a single site.

Eric Clark photo

ERIC CLARK was an investigative journalist and author. As an outside expert, he sat on a number of medical committees in the UK and Europe. His special interest in diabetes began when his granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 a day before her fifth birthday. Since then he witnessed both kindness and seeming indifference to the condition from organisations meant to help. He himself got steroid-inducted Type 2 diabetes. Eric, thank you, rest in peace now.

Dr Arun Ghosh RIP

Dr Arun Ghosh M Phil CBiol FRSM was a specialist in public health medicine and epidemiology. He had Type 2 diabetes and was of South Asian background. He was on the Planning & Development Committee of Edgware Community Hospital in London. He was a Life Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society of Medicine. Arun was of enormous help to our partnership in designing this website. He also explored the needs of people at risk of long-term diseases, e.g. diabetes and with health inequalities. And their use of this digital tool in Kolkata, India. Arun, thank you, rest in peace now.

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