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  1. 5 tools for your easier access to this website
  2. How to translate our web pages into your language.

1.1 On a Windows PC, go to ‘Settings; (bottom left in W 10) – then ‘Ease of Access’, then adjust all menu items in turn, as you need.                

1.2 Click here for Accessibility change options on an Apple Mac operating system.

1.3 Most users with disabilities will need more advanced utility programs for daily use. Have a look at AbilityNet a UK Charity specialising in Technology to help people with disabilities.

1.4 Or go to BBC my web, my way.

1.5 Customize your Android device using ‘accessibility’ settings and apps. e.g. screen reader TalkBack: To interact with your device using touch and spoken feedback, in ‘settings’ go to ‘accessibility’ then ‘screen readers’ and turn on the TalkBack screen reader. TalkBack describes your actions and tells you about alerts and notifications. ‘Select to Speak’: If you want spoken feedback only at certain times, you can turn on Select to Speak. Then select items on your screen to hear them read or described aloud, or point the camera at something in the real world.

2. How to translate any of our web pages into your language

Go to box at top right of any page on this website, labelled ‘English’. Click on this box to choose one of the six most popular languages: Chinese (simplified), French, German. Hindi, Malay, Spanish, Tamil.

If want one of the other 85 languages, first ‘right click‘ on yellow ‘Google Translate’ icon at very top left of any webpage. Then click on ‘options’ and choose your primary language from the long drop-down list. Then choose your display options, and click ‘save’.

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