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Prevent Diabetes Q&A

Often asked questions about prevent diabetes

1. What is pre-diabetes? What are the warning signs? What glucose level is pre-diabetes? Now you can use pre-diabetes to prevent diabetes. 1 in 3 adults in UK have pre-diabetes [evidence no. 19].

2. UK NHS on causes of diabetes: Type 1? Type 2?

3. Check your own risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, with a reliable well-researched tool.

4. How to prevent yourself from getting diabetes?

Read the UK NHS NICE guide ‘Type 2 diabetes: prevention in people at high risk‘. This public health guideline, PH38, was updated in September 2017.

5. Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes? Half a million adults in UK have Type 2 diabetes and don’t know it [28]. So try not to be one of those! Check the T2 symptoms.

6. What does it mean when your blood sugar is ‘borderline‘? And what does the USA NIH say you can do about it? A lot!

Any Questions? 7. In England those with ‘pre-diabetes’ have increased to 1 in 3 adult people.  Half of those who are overweight and over 40 years old now have pre-diabetes [19]. If you have pre-diabetes, how you can use pre-diabetes to prevent diabetes?

8. NHS on symptoms & diagnosis of ‘Gestational Diabetes’ in pregnant women? NHS says, “all pregnant women with type 1 diabetes are offered continuous glucose monitoring by March 2021”.

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9. Why does NHS say ‘Weight’ is important to prevent diabetes? > Simple NHS tips to lose weight are here.

10. Where to get local help to stop smoking? Quit smoking options? Public Health England stop smoking guidance.

11.  How to ask your own health questions, by voice online? Much faster than typing.

12. Actions?  pointing finger2If you make decisions on actions to prevent diabetes using the answers to these questions, we recommend putting your actions into your draft personal health plan, to discuss with your doctor.

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